Songstress Janelle Monáe shimmers on Prince-inspired visual album

Mitchell Famulare

Janelle Monáe proves she is a force in the music industry with her third studio album, “Dirty Computer.” Funk and disco inspired, Monáe’s LP serves to be her best work yet.

After releasing two concept albums, “Dirty Computer” was released alongside a visual “emotion” picture. The film was premiered on BET and is now available to be streamed on Youtube.

Monáe’s visuals do not fail to impress, as they are filled with glamorous clothing and aesthetics. Monáe has never shied away from making political statements in her work or films. “Dirty Computer” emphasizes Monáe’s political activism, harnessing key themes of feminism and LGBT awareness.

“Make Me Feel,” the first single off the album, describes what it’s like to be a bisexual woman. “Pynk,” produced by electronic singer Grimes, emphasizes themes of femininity, contrasting the gender normalized colors of blue and pink. In the avant-garde visual, Monáe is dressed in pants that take on the shape of a vagina as she sings “We got the pynk!”

“Crazy, Classic Life” and “Take a Byte” resemble the funky vibes of Prince, a quality Monáe has harnessed her whole career. Zöe Kravitz, Pharell Williams and Brian Wilson all make appearances throughout the 14-track LP.

“Dirty Computer” has been met with critical acclaim, making it the most praised album of 2018. This makes Monáe a lead contender for a Grammy award.