Drag show takes over Nott Memorial

Craig Efraiti, Staff Writer

The Student and Faculty Drag Show took place on February 24 in the Nott Memorial. This event was organized by Union Pride, one of college’s LGBTQIA+ organizations. The event showcased three sets of queens and garnered support from the community. The show was very empowering and dazzled many that attended. 

The show started with a few remarks by the President of Pride, Katie Boermeester ‘24, thereafter, the first queen performed alongside They’re Only Human by Annapantsu. This was followed by a queen who performed an array of Little Kim songs, including Go Awff and It’s All About the Benjamins. The next set of two queens performed My Heart Belongs to Daddy by Eartha Kitt. The final performance saw the audience join in to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. 

Boermeester remarked that, “This was a suggestion by the community… The event is meant to showcase the community and present drag in a comprehensive and familiar environment.” Boermeester  also recognized the location since, “I wanted an interactive piece to this and the Nott is a unique location on campus for this desired experience. A unique feature of the Nott is the skyline which has, I would consider, ‘queer stars’ on it.” 

The show is hopefully the first of many successful shows led by Union Pride, and is sure to usher in a new era of creativity at Union. In the future, Union Pride looks forward to its yearly Pride Fest on May 13. 

News Editor Allyson Bennett also contributed to this report.