The Concordiensis

2018-2019 Staff

Corey Rutkin

Opinions Editor

Corey Rutkin '21, is an Economics Major. On campus he is the Vice-President of Membership of The Garnet Society (student alumni liaison group) and a member of The Garnet Group (student investment fund). Outside of Union, he's ...

Samantha Kruzshak

Editor in Chief

Samantha Kruzshak '19 is the Co-editor in Chief of the Concordiensis. A senior biology major and German minor, Samantha has been involved in student media since her freshman year of college, holding previous positions as news...

Hayley Bennett

Man on the Street editor

Hayley Bennett '19 is a Geology major, Spanish minor and has been editor of the MOTS section since her freshman year. On campus, she is a tour guide, tour guide trainer, and member of the hip hop club. She enjoys carbohydrates...

James Segee-Wright


James Segee-Wright ’20 is the Editor-in-Chief of the Concordy and has been involved with the newspaper since 2016. He studies Chinese and Philosophy and enjoys kayaking, hiking, cooking, and playing chess. ...

Andrew Wojtowicz

807 Onion Street Editor

Andrew Wojtowicz '19 is the president and CEO of the 807 Onion Street section of the Concordiensis. A big fan of satire and comedy, Andrew spends most of his day making jokes and looking at the brighter side of life. Outside of...

Alex Appel

News Editor

Alex Appel '21 is the News Editor for the Concordiensis. She is a History and Russian & Eastern European Cultural Studies double major with a Seward minor in Biblical Translation. In addition to classes and the Concordy, she...

Joe Maher

Photography Editor/Staff Writer

Joe Maher '20 is the self proclaimed number one out of two photography editors and a staff writer for Concordiensis. He is a political science major and a math minor from Takoma Park, Maryland and the amount of times he's seen...

Will Enberg

Opinions Editor

Will Enberg '20 has been an editor for the Opinions section of the Concordiensis for three terms now, and was previously a staff editor. At his high school in Millburn, New Jersey, Will served as the Opinions editor for his school...

Matt Farr


Matt Farr '21 is your humble Webmaster for the Concordiensis. He is a Political Science major and hasn't decided what minor he'll do but he's leaning Russian Studies. Apart from his classroom duties he is a Midshipman in the Naval...

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