Professors across three departments lead workshop on felting


Shriya Biswas

Students across many majors participate in felt making at Wold House.

Shriya Biswas, Contributing Writer

Professor Carol Wessie, Ronald M. Obenzinger Professor of Psychology and Director of Health Professions conducted a felting workshop on September 18 where participants learned the art of wet felting by making a bookmark through the process. 

The workshop was joined by students from a diverse set of majors which included political science, biochemistry, visual arts, and environmental sciences. Other than students, the workshop was also joined by Professor Silvina Yi, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Professor Shena McAuliffe, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Assistant Professor of English and Professor Laini Nemett, John D. MacArthur Associate Professor of Visual Arts – Painting and Drawing. 

In the workshop, the participants were first required to select a set of wool of different colors. Then, after organizing the wool in the shape and design of choice, the wool was soaked fully in water. After soaking it, the participants rubbed and rolled it. The drying process took an hour and forty minutes before it finished to a felt bookmark.

When asked what inspired Professor Weisse to conduct the workshop, she responded “I wanted to offer a felting workshop because the process speaks to so much of what we value at Union. Felting is both an art and science with a rich and interesting history, and wool is a renewable resource that is also “eco friendly.” Janet Fabode ’23 comments that the workshop was a “cool and quick way to distress.” 

Professor Weisse expressed her gratitude to the Minerva council: “I’d like to thank the Minerva Council and Wold House for supporting the event and hope to do another next term.”