Swimming & Diving team compete in Liberty League

Isabelle Yee, Columnist

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This past week the men’s and women’s swimming and diving team traveled to Ithaca, New York to compete in the 2018-2019 Liberty League Championships. The men’s team placed fourth overall scoring 825 points beating Clarkson that was neck to neck with Union throughout the whole meet, while the women’s team was in fifth scoring 920 points.

On night one of the championship, Cara McCarthy ’19, and Claire Hadelman ’20 placed 16th and 13th respectively in the women’s 500-yard freestyle. Freshman Anna Lehr ’22 led the way as she finished 4th in the event with a time of 5:11.85. Nate Hamer ’19 and Jack Wassik ’19 also swam the 500-yard freestyle. Hamer ’19 placed 21st and Wassik ’19 was 6th with a time of 4:47.87, almost beating his personal best.

Tori Mullen ’22 finished 23rd in the 200-yard I.M with a time of 2:24.22 beating Leadora Kyin from Skidmore in the third 50 of the 200 IM, while teammate Kerry Kelly ’20 defended her title by winning the 200-yard I.M with a time of 2:06.67. On the men’s side Seif Refaat ’20 placed third in the 200-yard I.M with a time of 1:55.31, out-touching teammate Zach Cormier ’22 who was fourth with a time of 1:55.70.

The 50-yard freestyle was the next event. Jess Frigon ’22 was 17th in the event and Jen Nutter ’19 was 13th. Andrew Wojtowicz ’19 and Tyler Mar ’21 were 21st and 18th in the event while Andrew Mungovan ’22 took 6th with a time of 21.36.

On the boards, Anna Gagion ’19 placed fifth on the women’s 3-meter with a score of 376.75, beating her personal best, and Amanda Lopez ’21 was 9th. Finishing off the night, the women’s 200-yard medley relay finished in 6th place with a time of 1:50.71 and the men’s relay finished fourth with a time of 1:36.51.

Night two of the championship began with the 200-yard freestyle relays. The women’s team relay placed 6th finishing with a time of 1:40.30 and the men were fourth with a time of 1:26.40.

The first individual event of the night was the 400-yard I.M. Isabelle Yee ’21 placed 24th, Cara McCarthy ’19 was 15th, Emilee Nason ’19 finished in 7th and Kerry Kelly ’20 defended another title by winning the event with a time of 4:26.01. The men’s 400-yard I.M. resulted in Luis Angel ’20 placing 22nd, Hunter Reinhardt ’21 in 19th, Nate Hamer ’19 in 16th and Zach Cormier ’22 was second in the event with a time of 4:07.34, beating his personal best. In the 100-yard butterfly, Emily Quinn ’20 tied for 12th and Elise Liebow ’22 tied for 20th.

Seif Refaat ’20 took 5th in on the men’s side who was followed by Brendan Egan ’22 was 7th and Andrew Wojtowicz ’19 finished in 12th place. In the 200-yard freestyle, Jess Frigon ’22 was 24th, Claire Hadelman ’20 was 15th, and Anna Lehr ’22 took 4th place. For the men, Andrew Mungovan ’22 finished in 9th place, Jack Wassik ’19 in 14th and Tyler Mar ’22 took 17th place. Davis Harrington ’21 won the men’s 1-meter with a score of 494.05. The night ended with a 6th place finish in the women’s 400-yard medley relay and the men took 7th.

The third night of competition began with a great start. Annie O’Donnell ’21 finished 18th in the 200-yard butterfly while teammates Emilee Nason ’19 took 4th and Kerry Kelly ’20 won the event with a time of 2:02.51. On the men’s side, Nate Hamer ’19 was 23rd, Brendan Egan ’22 was 10th and Seif Refaat ’20 finished in 5th, out-touching Nathaniel Bartalo from Ithaca with time of 1:55.42. The 100-yard backstroke was a successful event for the ladies as Elise Liebow ’22 and Helen Smith ’22 took 19th and 20th and Jen Nutter ’19 finished in 8th, beating her personal best with a time of 59.27, while Hunter Reinhardt ’21 was 22nd for the men.

Emily Quinn ’20 led the way in the 100-yard breaststroke by placing 5th with a time of 1:07.70, and teammates Helen Smith ’22 was 16th and Jaclyn Gehring ’20 was 23rd. Tommy Han ’19 and Luis Angel ’20 snagged a 12th and 9th place for the men. The last individual event of the night was the women’s 1-meter diving.

Amanda Lopez ’21 claimed 4th place with a score of 364.80, which made her qualify for regionals next Saturday, and Anna Gagion ’19 finished in fifth.

The night ended with a 3rd place finish in the women’s 800-yard freestyle relay and a fourth place finish for the men.

The fourth and final night of racing began with the mile. Cara McCarthy ’19 placed in 7th and Emilee Nason ’19 won the event with a time of 17:33.53.

Emilee Nason’s ’19 mile swim set a meet record and made an NCAA B-cut. The men’s side had a strong showing with Jack Wassik ’19 taking 6th and Zach Cormier ’22 finished in 4th place, beating his teammate and recording a personal best with a time of 16:36.55.

In the 100-yard freestyle Jess Frigon ’22 took 12th place with a time of 55.04 and Claire Hadelman ’20 was 19th. Andrew Mungovan ’22 finished in 6th place for the men’s 100-yard freestyle. He was accompanied by Andrew Wojtowicz ’19 who finished in 15th and Brendan Egan ’22 who was in 23rd. The next individual event was the 200-yard backstroke. Freshmen Elise Liebow ’22 and Anna Lehr ’22 were 16th and 10th respectively and Jen Nutter ’19 took 6th place with a time of 2:07.27. Hunter Reinhardt ’21 was the only backstroker on the men’s side and finished in 18th.

Emily Quinn ’20 took 2nd place in the women’s 200-yard breaststroke with a time of 2:22.48. In the same event, Helen Smith ’22 took 17th and Isabelle Yee ’21 was 23rd. Luis Angel ’20 placed in 17th and Tommy Han ’19 was 15th in the men’s 200-yard breaststroke. Davis Harrington ’21 placed second in the men’s 3-meter board with a score of 511.05.

The final events of the night were the men’s and women’s 400-yard freestyle relay. The women’s relay finished in 5th place and the men’s relay finished in 4th place.

The night concluded with recognition of the Liberty League All-Academic Team. This team was composed of Anna Gagion ’19, Jaclyn Gehring ’20, Claire Hadelman ’20, Tommy Han ’19, Kerry Kelly ’20, Cara McCarthy ’19, Jen Nutter ’19, Hunter Reinhardt ’21 and Andrew Wojtowicz ’19.

Kerry Kelly ’20 was also named swimmer of the meet as she won all three of her individual events and made an NCAA B-cut in her 200-yard butterfly and 400-yard I.M. She also reset her own school record in the 200-yard butterfly.

Next weekend, divers Amanda Lopez ’21 and Davis Harrington ’21 travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts to compete at NCAA regionals, in hopes to qualify for the NCAA championships in March.

Union Swimming & Diving class of 2019. Image courtesy of Nolan Graziano