Union shines with Diwali, the “Festival of Lights”


Ashlesha Bhagat

Students wear kurtas and kurtis, traditional dress for Diwali, and dance in Old Chapel to Bollywood music.

Ashlesha Bhagat, Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 22, Shakti Union organized a celebration for Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights.” Diwali is a celebration of Lord Rama’s victory against the demon King Ravana, and the focus is on celebrating the triumph of good over evil. The day’s celebrations had three parts to it: Rangoli Making Event, Dinner and Discussion, and a Bollywood Night. 

At the Rangoli Making Event, students gathered in front of the library plaza to draw various designs also known as “Rangoli” with chalk. Many of the students got to showcase their artistic skills.

The second part of the celebrations featured a dinner and discussion.  Students ate authentic Indian food which was ordered from Spicy Mint, an Indian restaurant in Albany. Additionally, students applied mehendi, or henna, on their hands, and discussed different customs revolving around Diwali. 

Last but not least, was Bollywood Night. To end the festivities, students danced the night away at Old Chapel, where Bollywood music was played.