Union College Dining review: the top 5 gluten free foods on campus

Bianca Ring, Opinions Editor

As a junior, I’ve been navigating Union’s dining halls as a person with dietary restrictions for the past three years. In my time here, I’ve gotten familiar with the options that accommodate a gluten-free diet. Here is a ranked list of my five favorite gluten-free options on campus.

  1. Avocado Sushi

The sushi at the Ushi Bar in Dutch Hollow is a favorite of mine for when I need something to take to ISEC while I study. Salmon sushi, vegetable sushi, and avocado sushi are some good gluten-free options, but avocado is my favorite. It has no wait time, so if I’m running late I can grab it on my way to a function without waiting in line. The soy sauce packets aren’t gluten-free, which is the reason it’s only my fifth favorite. This is a staple for lunch when I have afternoon classes in my schedule.

  1. Breakfast Sandwiches

When I have time to get an early breakfast on campus, I order the egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches with gluten-free bread. I usually order it with an extra egg, home fry, ketchup, and avocado, and it’s good as a really filling breakfast when I know I have a later lunch in my schedule. When I lived on campus last summer, I ordered one of these almost every day on my way to work. This was a staple for breakfast during the summer, especially since I didn’t have much time to eat at Upper during work hours. 

  1. Dawn’s Beef Chili

This option shows up sometimes at both Upper and West, and it is easily one of the best soups offered on campus. It’s got the perfect amount of spice and isn’t too acidic. I tend to avoid meat, and this beef chili is a good way for me to actually enjoy getting iron and protein in my diet. Sometimes I sprinkle grated cheese from the salad bar on top of my chili or even dip my French Fries in it (don’t judge me until you try it!) This one is only available sometimes, so this is definitely a less consistent option, so it ranks third. 

  1. Pizza

I was already almost a full year into my time at Union when I realized the Garlic Nott had gluten-free pizzas available, and I wish I found out sooner. The pizza ranks second because I have to order it to be made, and the wait time is around 20 minutes, so I am usually limited to ordering it when I have free time on my hands. However, as someone who has tried more than my fair share of gluten-free pizza crusts, it is so worth the wait. I usually order pizza about once a week, and it has never disappointed me. 

  1. General Tso’s Chicken Soup

My all-time favorite gluten-free meal at Union College is General Tso’s chicken soup, offered during lunches at the allergy-friendly sectiaon at Upper. Food from this section is generally good because I can be confident the entire meal will be gluten-free instead of piecing together a full meal from other gluten-free options in the cafeteria. The fact that they don’t serve this soup consistently would be a setback, but it’s so good it doesn’t matter. There’s always a vegetarian option, and the vegetables and rice noodles in the soup are amazing. I always end up taking more than one bowl when this soup is offered. This one comes in at number one, with no competition whatsoever.