Inflata-Fest Conquers Rugby Field


Marcus Brem

The world’s largest inflatable was erected on Rugby Field. Students gradually arrived at the bounce house to enjoy this moment.

Michael Rosenbaum, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Union College hosted Inflata-fest, featuring the use of the world’s largest bouncy house. Too big to fit in the Field House, the massive structure was instead erected on the Rugby Field in front of the Nott Memorial. The structure was large enough that it took an entire afternoon to inflate. 

Inflata-fest was hosted by Association of Campus Events (ACE) on September 17 from noon to 8 p.m. as the second of four events the group will be hosting in the Fall term. The number of students who attended the event was difficult to determine due to the sheer size of the structure, which made guessing the number of participants who took advantage of the event difficult to calculate. However, it was clear that people were entering and leaving the event for almost the entire day.

Students are excited to enter the big bounce house. (Marcus Brem)
Music was provided at the event and students gathered to dance. (Marcus Brem)