Mock Recuitment introduces first-years to sorority life on campus

Megan Brown , News Editor

Wednesday, May 1, at 6:30 p.m. on the Reamer back patio marked the start of the first-year introduction to sorority life on campus. Representatives from three sororities: Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Delta Tau all hosted a Mock Recruitment to give the class of 2022 a taste of what sorority recruitment would be like in the fall.

Emily Coello ’20, Senior Recruitment Chair of Panhellenic Council was a major part in making sure the day went according to plan.

“Mock is fundamental to a potential new member understanding whether joining a sorority is right for her or not. It gives them a glimpse of the entire experience and gives them an entire summer to reflect!”

Coello went on to state that “I hope that the PNMs (potential new members) got a strong sense of what each organization is about…I can vouch that each [sorority] is full of the most strong, determined and empowered women. Moreover, they can feel comfortable knowing that each organization is related to welcome a new member class into their organization.”

Once recruitment starts, the PNMs are split up into groups and all assigned a leader called a Rho Gamma. Their sorority remains incognito as not to sway any of the PNMs during that week.

Each participant of Mock got a glimpse of the houses on campus and they spoke to some of the women to see who they could best picture themselves with. Not only did they get to meet a host of recruitment counselors, but they also got to know each other; other first years in their class whom they may not have gotten to know otherwise.

When asked why Coello loves her job, she mentioned this:

“I love my job because in my time as recruitment chair, I have assumed large power of responsibility and leadership, for which I am tremendously grateful… Furthermore, I have taken great pride as being a woman of color, and bring in this prominent role during recruitment.”

Coello recognizes the power she has having a leadership role as a minority as she mentions, “I hope that this has made other women of color at this school more comfortable going through primary recruitment and I hope that my legacy as recruitment chair has been creating a more relaxed recruitment experience for all PNMs.”

Coming this September, the class of 2022 will make their rounds throughout the sororities and eventually decide if sorority life is right for them.