The Concordiensis

Nutrient availability may have a key impact on chemotherapy results

Charlotte Mineo

June 7, 2018

Many new chemotherapeutics, also called anti-cancer drugs, are more effective in cell cultures in the lab than they are in actual patients. Alexander Muir and Matthew Vanderheiden have analyzed papers indicating that nutrien...

Scientists use new data in order to create model for Pluto

Jack Wassik

May 31, 2018

Scientists from the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) used data from NASA’s New Horizons with data from ESA’s Rosetta mission in order to create a new model for Pluto’s formation. Dr. Christopher Glein of SWRI’s Space Scie...

Efforts made to harness the diagnostic power of bacteria to fight diseases

May 31, 2018

 Charlotte Mineo Diagnosing diseases in a timely and cost-efficient way is one of the great challenges facing modern medicine. Research teams are currently investigating biosensors, as well as microelectronic sensors, in ord...

New techniques and old data refute early model of Mercury’s structure

Jack Wassik

May 2, 2018

Like many planets within our solar system, Mercury has had very few studies completed in comparison with Earth, the main reason being how difficult it is to get there. Being the closest planet to the Sun, only one probe, Messenger, ...

Death of oldest known spider by wasp sting made public

Jack Wissik

May 2, 2018

Entomologists and arachnologists were disappointed to learn that the oldest-recorded spider in the world was killed after being stung by a wasp. The spider, which was a member of the mygalomorph family, was recorded at 43 year...

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