Student in’Forum Update on 9/26

Alex Morin

The Student Forum had a positive and constructive conversation with Marcus Hotaling, Director of the Counseling Center on campus, surrounding mental health and his recent roll out of the telehealth program “Uwill.” 

Hotaling explained the need for a supplemental counseling option on campus due to increased demand at the counseling center over the past ten years. This has resulted in a waitlist for students that both he and Forum view as unacceptable. 

Uwill will bridge the gap between the waitlist and on campus councilors, although students may opt to use Uwill councilors full time. The program is already popular with 42 students registered and a 9/10 satisfactory rating after only being active for eleven days. 

Forum encourages any student on the counseling center waitlist to sign up for the Uwill program at More information can also be found on Union’s website. 

Hotaling also assured the Forum this program is supplementary and not meant to serve as a replacement for in person counseling.

Forum discussed first year elections and we encourage all those interested in running to do so. Interested first years should contact Alexis Henrikson, Senior Trustee at [email protected]

Forum discussed upcoming Minerva events, and homecoming weekend, which we encourage everyone to participate in, more updates will follow. Have a great week everyone! 

The above list contains information from the minutes of Student Forum’s meeting of 9/26. It has been compiled for the benefit of the readers of the Concordiensis by Alex Morin ([email protected]) Secretary of Student Forum.