Reappointment review committees formed

Reappointment review committees have been formed for six assistant professors and one librarian.

Committees are reviewing the following assistant professors: Christopher Chandler, Dong (Carl) Cheng, Colleen Connelly, David Friedall, Chandra Pappu, and Silvina Yi. Members of the Union community are invited to submit written comments on their teaching, service and scholarship to the committee chairs preferably by Friday, April 22. Committees are:

Christopher Chandler (Music)

Jennifer Matsue, committee chair ([email protected]), Tim Olsen and Dianne McMullen


Dong (Carl) Cheng (Economics)

Lewis Davis, committee chair ([email protected]), Eshi Motahar and Shelton Schmidt


Colleen Connelly (Chemistry)

Kristin Fox, committee chair ([email protected]), Jim Adrian and Joanne Kehlbeck


David Friedell (Philosophy)

Krisanna Scheiter, committee chair ([email protected]), Peter Bedford and Leo Zaibert


Chandra Pappu (Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering)

John Spinelli, committee chair ([email protected]), Jenn Currey and Luke Dosiek


Silvina Yi (Modern Languages)

Daniel Mosquera, committee chair ([email protected]), Christine Henseler and Michele Ricci-Bell

A reappointment review committee has also been formed for Rebecca Fried, Digital Projects and Metadata Librarian at Schaffer Library. Members of the campus community are invited to offer written or oral testimony to committee members.David Fuller, chair, Schaffer Library (, Sarah Schmidt, and Joanna Dipasquale