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Coming Soon: a Different Dutch Hollow

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Coming Soon: a Different Dutch Hollow

Samantha Kruzshak

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Beginning the day after residence halls close for Winter break on November 21, the first floor of the Reamer Campus Center is planned to undergo a number of major renovations that will add three novel dining options and several new services to Dutch Hollow dining. Dining Services intends for all of these renovations to be completed and fully-operative by the first day of Winter Term 2019 on January 7.

A pizza shop, soon to be named through a student-involved naming contest, is set to be one of these renovations. This pizza shop will replace the current dining option ‘O3,’ which is located at the back of Reamer’s first floor, to the right of the ‘pit.’

The pizza dining option will also include sandwiches such as chicken parmesan and Italian sausage sandwiches, and will include gluten-free and vegetarian options to accommodate different dietary restrictions. Students will be able to use a meal swipe to purchase a full meal, which may consist of 1-2 pizza slices, one drink and one side, such as a cookie or a salad.

Besides providing pizza and other traditional Italian-restaurant food options, a second overall goal for the pizza shop is pizza delivery, specifically late-night pizza delivery. This on-campus service will be made possible by the app “Get Food,” which students will soon be able to download onto their smartphones. Pizza delivery will not accept cash, but will accept declining and credit cards. According to Campus Executive Chef Patrick Longton, dining services has already hired employees to fulfill pizza-delivering duties, but is also looking to “re-ignite the student worker program” by potentially hiring work-study students. Pizza delivery dates will most likely be Wednesday to Sunday, with the hours of operation to be determined.

After a dining services survey sent out last year, Director of Campus Engagement Donna Reichel and Longton recognized that the results showed a massive push by students for pizza to be brought back to Dutch Hollow. “We take feedback from all of you. What we hear from students really precipitate changes on campus,” stated Reichel.

A second major change to Dutch Hollow will be a ‘Local Deli’ option, which will take ‘U-shi’s’ location next to the student mailboxes. “The emphasis will be completely on local,” says Longton about his plans for the deli. Longton described a menu of locally-sourced, artisan choices, involving signature sandwiches and a signature house-made roll that will be “something that no one else has.”

Despite moving locations, U-shi will still be produced on-campus and sold on a daily basis. This sushi will be found in the third major renovation: a new convenience store. This store will be located to the left of the ‘pit,’ which exists currently as a lounge-space with chairs and a fireplace. “Students are busy and don’t always have time to wait in line,” says Longton. Therefore, the convenience store will provide a large variety of grab n’ go meal selections, from fully-composed warm and cold meals to more ‘raw’ meal sets for people who have kitchens. The convenience store will also provide a selection of fresh produce.

Soft serve ice cream will also be incorporated into the new convenience store. This was another dining option that was strongly pushed for by the student body during last year’s survey. “We wanted to bring back the things they loved,” commented Reichel.

Reichel identifies the major drive behind these changes as student feedback. “These changes are important because they reflect the fact that we are constantly listening to the students. We take your feedback very seriously, and when we can, we act on it,” stated Reichel.

Longton also feels that Dutch Hollow is underutilized. “It seems like all the kids want to go to Dutch. There is more of an emphasis on declining balance.” Longton emphasized how the concept of the ‘student experience’ was another motivation behind renovating students’ main eating and social space. “President Harris is focusing on the student experience here. That is very important to us too. We love food because that is what we do. It is all about improving the whole overall experience for the students.”

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6 Responses to “Coming Soon: a Different Dutch Hollow”

  1. Lynne on November 7th, 2018 1:31 am

    Yum yum

  2. tegdirb on November 7th, 2018 4:25 am

    O3 is TOO important to be taken away from Union! There are people on this campus who don’t eat meat, cheese, etc., and to take that option away in place of a pizza place (the only pizza we eat is Domino’s anyways!) is very sad. Please consider reevaluating this decision. O3 is healthy and promotes sustainability. Sincerely Ozone House Resident

  3. merp on November 7th, 2018 9:30 pm

    i second this notion!!!!

    sincerely not an ozone house resident but a student who enjoys salad, specifically from O3

  4. Sean on November 7th, 2018 9:42 am

    Every single student on campus loves 03. Why would you take it away? Please do not go through with this!

  5. Juliana on November 7th, 2018 11:18 pm

    Wow I’m so glad I don’t go to this school anymore. There were already limited options for vegans and vegetarians. Given the reporting on climate change, not providing sustainable food options is telling of the school’s priorities–which I find extremely amusing given how much the school promotes it’s environmental and sustainable efforts. Simply having local food is not enough. And they know that.

    These changes are said to be teh result of student feedback, but it sounds like (from the quote) students simply wanted pizza back at Dutch–not pizza delivery or pizza bar.

    Regarding the new menus, I wouldn’t be optimistic if I was still a student at Union. We’ve always been promised food alternatives for vegans and vegetarians, yet there were days where both dutch soups had meat and dairy, all the salads had meat and dairy, and the only vegan/veg sandwich was pb&j. And though O3 had options, they were extremely pricy and not affordable on most meal plans.

    I wish instead the school was investing in adequate working conditions for the employees that cook and prepare food in Reamer. The ventilation in Dutch is extremely poor and a sign that it was an afterthought. If the school actually cared about it’s students and employees, then the working conditions would be better and there would be food that didn’t leave students sick.

  6. Hunter on November 13th, 2018 11:23 pm

    I can’t wait to see how this all works out! The pizza shop will almost certainly get more business than O3 and the deli is great — no more going to Walmart for raw meat! Thanks Union!

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Coming Soon: a Different Dutch Hollow