Typhoon Mangkhut hits The Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau


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Typhoon Mangkhut with a speed of 100 miles-per-hour hit The Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau killing 59 people in the philippines and four in China.

However, rescue workers are still looking for more buried bodies , especially in mountainous parts of Benguet Province.

The typhon had a speed of 200 miles-per-hour at its peak and was equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.It is believed to be the most powerful storm of 2018. Just a day earlier ,the typhoon hit the philippines causing a lot of damage.

Because of Mangkhut , the gambling capital near Hong Kong, Macau, had to close it’s Casinos for the first time; however, the casinos reopened the next day.

Macau was not damaged as the other cities were ; however, the storm caused 20,000 people to lose electricity.

In Hong Kong, the airport was shut down on Sunday and 1,000 flights were canceled.

The subway system was closed as well.

The airport , which is a central transit point for Asia , was reopened on Monday. In Guangdong, airports and railways were also closed. Affecting the traffic in one of world’s most densely populated regions, with a population of 100 million. Bridges in the province were also shutdown and Schools in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau were closed on Monday.

In China the state television did not report any details about the four deaths, but they followed reports on social media of people crushed by falling debris in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

There were no reports of deaths in Hong Kong. However, 400 people needed medical treatment and more than 1,500 needed to stay in temporary shelters.

On sunday evening as the storm reached Southern China, the streets were completely empty.

Most residents stayed indoors in response to the warning given by authorities. In

Hong Kong, people stored water and basic foods on Saturday and Sunday, emptying stores.

Guangzhou, the region’s most populated city ,ordered all restaurants closed to keep people off the streets. China’s official news agency, reported that nearly 2.5 million people in Guangzhou got affected by the storm.

Tens of thousands of fishing boats, which are one of the main parts of the region’s economy, were ordered to come back to the shores before the storm.

However, some fishermen did not comply to the officials warnings and were detained by authorities. On Monday, Authorities in Hong Kong warned people to stay away from hills and evacuated areas with a high risk of landslides.

Temporary shelters were available for evacuated citizens.

On Sunday, most of the residents stayed in their apartments or took refuge in shelters.

As the storm reached the mainland, people used Social media platforms , like Facebook and WhatsApp to post and share photos of their preparations and the storm effects.

As the storm got worse the posts increased and became more intense. In Tai Kok Tsui, people captured a video of an elevator shaft attached to a construction site collapsing. However, no injuries were reported.