Trimester vs. Semester

Shriya Biswas, 807 Editor

Disclaimer: The following article is satirical, and meant to be a humorous and exaggerated expression of perspectives of campus culture for entertainment purposes. This article is not intended to offend readers or stoke controversy.

Oh my god, again here we are at crossroads! It is especially even more difficult for me as I have been on both systems and it seems to me that I am choosing between my high school and college. It is indeed a hotly contested topic that no one seems to reach a conclusion no matter how hard they try. 

Like I feel that being in a semester system is like being in a bad relationship that just is not ending and you cannot even break up with it. It is a hopeful start in August and you look forward to a happy year-end and fall vibes support that, but as time goes on and work for classes piles up and you are drowned in the sea of midterms, tests, and papers. You just want it all to end. But there is a harsh reality there, you cannot escape it for another two months and at times it feels like you are drained even more than a battery after a four-day music festival. It becomes even worse when you are stuck in a class that you do not like, it is like jail time as it is hard at first and then it gets, even, harder, and at last, you are so done with it that you give up. 

Trimesters on the other hand are like a whirlwind romance and that is the thrill of it. Like I remember when I started at Union and not being used to the fast-paced environment of the trimester system, I delayed some of my work innocently thinking I have enough time to cover up. The next day I go to class and the professor says that we should be ready for a quiz next week and I am still confused, like hello what just happened? It all became even more hilarious when the finals schedule came out via email that same week and it finally sunk in that yeah friends, I have three midterms in two weeks and three finals soon after that. And guess how much work I got done, nothing and I literally mean that. Man, that was a rough time. So you see, choosing between semesters and trimesters can be hard as it is like choosing between Chipotle and Wendy’s. Or hey, I got an even better one a slice of pizza and wrap. Both are inviting and delicious in their own way but it depends on what YOU want. I mean I get it if someone wants the slow and steady of a slice-by-slice semester instead of a done-in-three-minute wrap. But personally, I like that last-minute scare as it works every time with me and I actually see myself getting work done. Not that it’s good, but hey it’s about what goes smoothly with me right:) If asked if I am in team semesters or trimesters, I would say I am in team college because well no matter which system we choose it is the college that we have to get through. And that includes full of challenges, limitations, happiness, surprises, and last but not least, an endless supply of caffeine. Even when it feels like a rollercoaster, it is important to just be calm and enjoy the ride as you sip that coffee.