Becker Career Center to align student academic & personal interests with new drop-in hours and U-Ready program


The Career Center in Becker Hall is located opposite Grant Hall and beside Green Minerva House on campus.

Shriya Biswas, 807 Editor

Becker Career Center helps the members of the Union College Community to align their professional interests with their academic and personal interests. Students from all years are welcome to meet with the professional staff and begin their career planning process. The mission of Union’s Career Center is to “help students pursue their passion, By this, we mean going after opportunities that pique their interest and spur their enthusiasm.” 

The Career Centre helps students write resumes and cover letters that are effective. Along with that, they also help students meet potential employers in information sessions and internship fairs. Recently, for the academic year 2022-2023, the career center introduced “Drop-In- Appointments”, where students can walk in anytime and ask quick questions regarding resources offered. No appointments have to be scheduled prior to these fifteen-minute appointments. However, students can still book the 30-minute appointments with a career professional that were provided before via Handshake. The Career Center also helps students prepare for interviews by providing a series of resources such as Big Interview, a virtual training tool that helps students practice their interview skills and boost their confidence. Additionally, students have the opportunity to book a room in the Career Center if have an interview or a networking call scheduled during business hours.

The Concordiensis reached out to Roger Woosley, Executive Director of Becker Career Center who answered questions about the variety of resources available, including the new programs that have been introduced. 

  1. What resources does the Career Center provide for the members of the Union College Community? The Career Center offers a variety of resources for all students. Our resources include but are not limited to, advising, programming, employer and alumni engagement, recruiting, licensed online software, signature programs, and technology (Handshake, GarnetGrove, etc.).  
  1. What is  UCAN and how does it benefits students? Union Career Alumni Network (UCAN) is a network of Union alumni volunteers. Alumni participate in UCAN to mentor students, and to further support students with career exploration and professional development. The benefit to students is the relationships they build with alumni across all industries and who represent all majors. Alumni offer their expertise and experience as professionals in their industries/roles, graduate school, and with fellowships experience. 
  1. Tell us more about Garnet Grove and U Ready. What was the purpose of launching them? GarnetGrove is a platform that provides a space for meaningful alumni/student mentoring communities and additional career exploration resources. Moreover, GarnetGrove allows for alumni/student interaction, professional and affinity group communities, and pathways that, taken together, better prepare students for post-graduate success. Importantly, GarnetGrove supports some of our signature programs, such as UFN (Union Financial Network), SparkLab (entrepreneurship program), and U Ready to name a few. U Ready is a two-year career readiness accelerator (in GarnetGrove) that is deliberately designed as a series of successive steps for students. Success steps are specifically arranged based on the student lifecycle at Union. Each term, students receive a set of three-to-five success steps to complete for that term. This term, students are completing their Handshake profile, self-assessment inventory, and their first resume. During the Spring term, students will receive a new series of successive steps for networking, including profiles for LinkedIn and UCAN. Currently, we are piloting U Ready with first-years. The purpose of launching GarnetGrove and U ready is to further support students in preparing for internships and post-graduate endeavors. Alumni communities and the U Ready program best prepare students for successful careers.
  1. What are the benefits of being a U-Ready member? U Ready participants receive early registration to events, including employers, alumni, and with leaders in our community. Students also receive special invitations to meet with VIP alumni groups and receive badges and other giveaways. Most important, participating students receive access to alumni communities and other resources that gives students a needed head start with their careers.
  1. Lastly, what was the purpose behind the “Drop-In Hours” that was newly launched for this academic year? Do you think this was beneficial? Drop-in hours were created to give students an opportunity, during their free time, to meet with a peer advisor. Students shouldn’t always have to schedule a day and time to meet with a peer advisor. This additional approach aligns well with students’ busy schedules. Only time will tell if the addition of drop-ins is a viable option for students.




Monday: 12:00 pm-3:00 pm

Wednesday: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Thursday: 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm

Friday: 12:30 pm- 2:30 pm


– Sign in with Okta

– Click on Pathways at the top of the page

– Select My Pathways

– Click on U Ready Pathway to start