Needle-Craft Club has big goals for term


Thomas Short , Contributing Writer

Every Thursday evening in the President’s House at Union College, one would expect to find a group of eager learners diligently performing what has been a pastime for over a century: sewing. The club held its latest meeting on January 17, 2023. 

Mrs. Anne Harris sits with students during the club’s meeting. (Thomas Short)

Though the group is small, its goals are big. “We’re currently working on a community outreach project,” clarifies Anne Harris, President Harris’ wife, and group organizer. The project on which they are working is a patchwork blanket. 

She hopes that others from the community will participate. The group needs seven-by-seven-inch squares which the group will assemble into blankets. “We’re going to donate the blankets to a local organization,” stated Mrs. Harris. The group meets every Tuesday & Thursday.