Squirrels continue to haunt Fox dormitory

Michael Rosenbaum, Editor-in-Chief

Two weeks ago, Concordiensis published an article on squirrels gaining access to Fox through window screens. The problem has continued to persist, owing to continued warmer temperatures throughout October. The Concordiensis heard from Victoria Lucontoni ‘26 on the continued presence of squirrels in Fox. 

Lucontoni says that squirrels have accessed her room four times over the course of the term. Chewing through the window screens, the squirrels have stolen food from Lucontoni and her roommates. Then, the squirrels then run out. Repairing the screens seems to be a difficult and perhaps sisyphean task. Students attempting to cool off during the warmer days make themselves vulnerable to intrusion. This may be especially bad for students living in suites with common rooms that have windows, since those rooms may not be in constant use.