Squirrels infiltrate Fox and Davidson

Michael Rosenbaum, Editor-in-Chief

Squirrels have been able to infiltrate rooms adjacent to the Davidson Quad through student’s window screens. Foraging for food for the winter, the animals have repeatedly eaten through the screens of open windows and entered student’s rooms, stealing food and exiting the way they came. 

Noah Rivet ‘26 lives in Fox. He said that over the past few months, since mid-September, squirrels have been attempting to enter his room. Reportedly, they have chewed into his room approximately 4 times. Each time, they accessed his room via tree branches hanging near the Fox dorm. 

Similar occurrences have been reported by other nearby residents. One parent posted a photo shot by their child, who lives in Fox, of a squirrel carrying away food that the student had left on the floor. The Concordiensis is also aware of instances of squirrels gaining access to dorm rooms in Davidson.

It seems likely that the number of incidents of squirrels breaking into rooms will decrease as winter gets closer. Already, Rivet has noticed a marked decrease in the number of squirrel sightings. Although, he partially credits that to his own squirrel-proofing of his window.

Without knowing how to contact Facilities to fix his window screen, Rivet prepared his own fix, using duct tape to cover large holes in his window screen. This may have proven more effective than simply replacing the window screen, which the squirrels have already shown the ability to eat through. 

Of course, there is no permanent solution to this problem. However, students can contact facilities online and submit a work order with their ID number for their screens to be replaced. Squirrels may gnaw through screens in the fall, but mosquitoes are often hungry in the spring.