Fall Festival brings carnival attractions to Union students


Ashlesha Bhagat and Craig Efrati, Contributing Writer and Staff Writer

This past Saturday, on the 24th, the Association of Campus Events (ACE) kicked off the season at Union with Fall Fest. Reaching an attendance of 372, the event was held in the College Park Hall parking lot from 7PM to 10PM. The excitement and energy generated by the event were apparent from the first hour. The Fest used a variety of equipment and games, including a swing, a ride called the Tornado, and a “zero-gravity” spinning ride. There was also a bouncy pit where attendees could face off with friends. With the festival, ACE continued its offerings of events for a wide audience.

Attendees at the Fall Festival appeared largely to enjoy the event, and students showed up for various reasons. Tess Klimowitz ‘26 stated that: “We are celebrating the arrival of fall. I am having a great time. The rides are great.“ According to one student interviewed, the free entertainment was a draw: “I am glad I didn’t have to pay for this.“ Another student interviewed at the festival remarked that “I wanted free food and I had nothing else to do on Saturday at 7PM.”

For ACE, a club that schedules a late-night event each week, the Fall Festival incorporated lots of intense planning and coordination. ACE’s co-president, Sage Stinson ‘25, said of the event: “It’s a Fall Festival carnival. ACE hosts weekly late-night programming and this was a fun event for students[…] a little into the term.”

ACE member Alex Rosenberg also commented on the coordination aspects of the Fall Festival: “ACE provides a valuable service[…] by bringing a new thing for the campus. [Fall Festival] is something to do. Freshmen are our biggest audience, [as are those who don’t have a big network. I love it because when I look bak on all the events we created, it’s incredible what we do and it’s another option to going out every weekend. This is pretty cool, a loot of cool equipment and a great time of year.”

This event was a successor of sorts to Sunset Fest, which was held on the same location and time of day last October 2nd. According to Stinson, it was a “huge event[…] with different rides.”