Volleyball Club rekindles to engage volleyball lovers


Courtesy of Christopher Delances ‘24

Volleyball Club after the first practice.

Jing Chen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As normalcy returns in many aspects of campus, club sports revitalize to provide students with a space for exercise, activity, and entertainment. The Volleyball Club is one among the many club sports that have rejuvenated since COVID-19. 

The president of the club, José Moreno De Los Santos ‘24, has been passionate about volleyball even before Union. When asked what the motivation was behind starting the club, Moreno De Los Santos says that “ I just wanted to create a space where everyone who shared a passion or even a slight interest in playing volleyball consistently and competitively could come together.” Alex Rosenberg ‘24, the vice president of the Volleyball Club, echoes that “There were already students passionate about volleyball at Union, but COVID really infringed on their opportunity to play, and so the wider campus community didn’t get to see how fun it could be.” 

Many members who are currently part of the Volleyball Club find the exact community that Moreno De Los Santos and Rosenberg picture. This includes Prestine St. Lous ‘24, who says that “I joined the volleyball club because I love playing volleyball and still wanted to dedicate some time to play in college since I’m not on the team… The relationships I have made in the club continue to grow and I continue to meet more people that I love and appreciate.”

Paige Curran ‘23 appreciates that “that club volleyball seeks to push players outside of their comfort zone, forcing us to improve not only our technical skills but also a team bond to help the team reach success.” When asked how joining the club contributes to your life at Union, Curran responds that “Before joining the club, I felt I was missing a part of myself that I had in high school. Now that club volleyball is active again at Union, I’ve gained that part of myself again as I can play competitively once again.” 

Lucy Villalobos ‘24 also remarks that besides the tight-knit community the Volleyball Club fosters for its members, it provides a space to “meet others who also really enjoy the sport” and gives “a break from schoolwork and studying.” 

The Volleyball Club has hopes and is ambitious about connecting with the Union community on a larger scale. C’Lannye James’25, the treasurer of the club hopes that “the club will become a dynamic part of Schenectady’s athletic community.” Moreno De Los Santos continues that “we are open to all members of the Union community no matter the skill level… We are actively searching for opportunities to have the team play with other colleges and in local tournaments.”

The club meets Sunday at the Fieldhouse or Viniar Basketball Court, but as treasurer James puts it, “if you see a volleyball net set up in the grass on campus, that’s probably us.”