Admission profile on the class of 2022

Megan Brown

As this year comes to a close, Union is preparing to welcome the class of 2022.

This past year, admissions received 6,716 applications, surpassing the class of 2021 by hundreds of applications and setting a record for the

most applications received in a year. This class also included a record number of Early Decision applications.

The school stated that they accepted a “significant” amount more of these applications this year than for the previous class.

Being that the college has received the largest pool of applications in its history, the global demographic of the incoming class has also expanded.

Members of the class of 2022 will come from 26 states, 16 countries and five continents. Additionally, 85  students admitted to the class will be the first generation in their family to attend college.

According to Director of Admissions Ann Fleming- Brown, there are 600 deposits made for the incoming class.

She anticipates around 20 students deciding over the summer to change their mind, get off waitlists and go to other colleges or defer their admission for another year.

Each year, the school aims to admit 570 to 580 students to a class and Fleming-Brown believes that “we should settle at our target nicely.”

“[Like] every year, we are committed to meet the full financial need of all students who are admitted. The average scholarship to these students is over $30,000,” Fleming-Brown said.

On September 3, the new students will move in and begin their year at Union, starting with First Year Orientation.

There are currently 570 students enrolled in the class of 2021. 21% of these students are people of color, 8% of them are international students and 42% of them were admitted through Early Decision.

As some students are expected to decide not to attend Union over the summer, it is hard to profile the incoming class.

However, it is believed that the demographics mentioned above will increase.