Woman of the Week (WoW) Anna Trancozo


Jackson Giammattei, Staff Writer

WOW: Anna Trancozo 

Nominated By: Caroline Werner

Nomination: Anna is a leader on this campus and the light of every room she walks into. She is extremely involved on campus and cares for the community on a deep level. Anna is the best friend, teammate, peer and student representative of the Union student body!

What are your proudest accomplishments?

While not a specific accomplishment, the thing I am most proud of is my personal development. During my time at Union I have challenged myself in ways I never imagined and truly learned how to prioritize people and moments that matter. I am proud that I can look back at my time here and say that I have no regrets and that I took every opportunity available to me to make the most out of it while I could.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping other people whether it be advocating for and supporting marginalized groups or being there for my friends and family. The people in my life are the most important thing to me and I love seeing others be happy!

Who do you look up to?

I am lucky to look up to nearly everyone around me. My parents are the biggest role models in my life as I am inspired daily by how they have worked hard to build a new life in the US while being the most selfless and caring people I know. I also look up to my brother and all my friends who work hard to make me a better person while pursuing their own dreams.

What does being a woman at Union mean to you?

Being a woman at Union means constantly being in awe of what the people around me achieve. I have had the opportunity to build such a large circle of strong and powerful women and it has been amazing seeing what they can do and how they better our community.

How do you think Union can do a better job at supporting women on our campus?

There are a lot of ways that the Union community needs to do a better job at supporting women on campus. One of the easiest ways I think that this can be done is to simply show up and support women-focused events. Although this applies to literally every aspect of campus, one place that has been particularly noticeable to me is in terms of athletics. There are huge discrepancies in attendance between men’s and women’s sports on campus and a simple way to better support women on campus is to raise the attendance of spectators at women’s sporting events. Additionally, while a culture change is not possible overnight, there are way too many women on campus that have been sexually assaulted and I think that students really need to step up and hold their friends accountable.