Woman of the Week (WOW): Sidra Hasan


Jackson Giammattei, Staff Writer

WOW: Sidra Hasan

Nominated By: Natasha Wright

Nomination: Sidra is superwoman. Sidra is the most hardworking person I know. She strives for perfection and gets it. Not only is she taking rigorous courses but she is very involved on campus. Sidra is a part of the Kappa Delta Phi NAS and has 4 positions on the general board while also serving as the VP of programming for the panhellenic council. Sidra was recently elected president of Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS).


What are your proudest accomplishments?

Some of my proudest accomplishments include making it on the Dean’s List here at Union for the past two consecutive years, getting to take on the role of MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Medical Student) President, PR Chair for Red Cross Club, VP of Programming for the PanHellenic Council, Social Chair, Assistant Affiliate Educator, and Co-Recruitment Chair for Kappa Delta Phi NAS, and lastly, being certified as a Crisis Textline Remote Counselor where I work with individuals experiencing mental and emotional crises. I also got to work as a remote global intern at a family health education company (Mama Medics) in England the fall term of my sophomore year!

What are you passionate about?

I am particularly passionate about medicine, TikTok, working out, shopping, traveling, and adventuring/having a great time with both my friends and family 🙂

Who do you look up to?

I look up to several important people in my life (as well as celebrities and monumental figures). However, an individual whom I’ve always revered since the beginning is my older sister. She is one of the most resilient, determined, and independent people I know. She has dealt with a myriad of hardships and has still maintained her optimistic and practical mindset. Not only is she intelligent, but she is also humble about her achievements and sacrifices. Although she is an extremely caring person, she never lets emotions cloud her judgment, and continues to look out for her family and loved ones without them even realizing it. Her charisma, selflessness, and attitude towards life are only two of the many reasons I deeply admire her.

What does being a woman at Union mean to you?

Being a woman at Union (specifically, a woman of color) means learning to overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt, especially in the medical field. It also means building your confidence in a way in which you can learn to fully appreciate your self-worth, despite what others may say or do to diminish that. It means having to work harder to prove oneself while not allowing others’ judgments, perceptions, or stereotypes undermine your rightfully earned accomplishments. Finally, it means supporting and uplifting other women through everything while remembering to stay true to yourself.

How do you think Union can do a better job at supporting women on our campus?

In general, I believe that Union can do a better job at supporting women on our campus by creating safe and inclusive environments for all women of various backgrounds where their voices and needs are genuinely heard and respected. It means taking women’s safety concerns seriously and facilitating an environment and campus cultures where both men, women, and those of other genders can co-exist in healthy and safe ways.