Why is the COVID-19 booster necessary?

Craig Efrati, Staff Writer

The booster shot is a critical aspect of revitalizing both the campus and community of Union as a whole. Aside from the necessary mandate made to receive a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by January 24, 2022, for arrival back on campus, there are many more pressing humanitarian and personal reasons to get the booster as soon as it is possible to do so. One of these reasons is that the COVID-19 booster is necessary to the process of restoring a sense of normalcy in our lives and building a lasting legacy of safety at Union.

Even after the two shots became necessary in many public and private domains in the country, we all saw that life was not completely back to normal in the past year. Many places have required proof of vaccination for entry such as bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. However, even with these restrictions in place, until all eligible Americans are able to be vaccinated and boosted we will not see the absence of masks and testing.

This is why it is crucial that everyone get both the COVID-19 vaccine and the booster, regardless of the school requirement. In addition to being a requirement to return to campus, it is a necessary step in our lives that will bring back what we love about the world. It is vital to get the booster because just like the flu, this COVID-19 virus constantly changes and we must get all the shots to be one step ahead of it. Getting the booster ensures protection for both you and the people you care about. You may still develop a mild case even if you are fully vaccinated and boosted, but rest assured that it will be much more mild than if you were unvaccinated from this deadly virus.

Widespread vaccination will ensure that soon we will no longer have to live in a world where masking, contact tracing, and quarantining are a part of our everyday lives. It will feel immensely satisfying to end the psychological and physical restraints placed on us by this virus. The moment that we have overtaken this virus and the perils of being isolated from the people we love are over, we will know that we have finally defeated this virus.

My own personal mental health as well as that of many people I know have been affected by this virus and it is imperative that we take the crucial steps to get boosted in an effort to stop the isolation and spike in negative health that we are all affected by to one degree or another. So go ahead and get boosted for yourself as well as your family and friends. Step up to the plate so that we are all protected from COVID-19 and so that our lives can come back to us. It is our urgent and humanitarian duty to ensure that we battle this virus with everything we have so that we can return to the regular routine we rely on.