The various dining options at Union College for students


Comfort food from Rathskeller. Courtesy of Jeremy Schmelkin.

Jeremy Schmelkin, Contributing Writer

With nearly ten dining options on campus, Union College students have so many great food varieties. Coming from a picky eater like myself, Union makes a great effort to accommodate everyone’s tastes. Some meals are inherently better than others, but for the most part, Union College Hospitality has brought their A-game this academic year. 

I decided to investigate all the dining options on campus and share with the student body where the best places to get food are based on quality, ambiance and efficiency. Out of all the available options to eat, three met my criteria close to perfectly. 

Number three would have to be the Garlic Nott. Having grown up in New York all my life, the Garlic Nott brings pizza that reminds me of famous NY slices! With so much variety, ranging from Philly cheesesteak to vegetable sausage, to many others, the Nott serves incredible pizza until midnight! 

If you come at the wrong time, though, you could get pizza of lower quality; usually 11:30am to 3pm and 5pm to 8pm are the prime times to get the freshest slices! 

This grab and go option is very productive. The staff members have an effective system in getting students their pizza and notts in an orderly fashion. Not to mention, you could get two slices, a drink and dessert for just one meal swipe – such a steal!

Without a doubt, the Marketplace in Reamer comes in at number two. This healthy dining option serves hardy wraps, salads, sandwiches and more. Whenever I am having a bad day, I come to the Market because Joyce can instantly brighten my mood. In addition to being one of the friendliest staff members on campus, Joyce and I have had fascinating conversations! 

While the Market can get crowded at times, students can go in and out fairly quickly. Many students love enjoying their food in the Jackson’s Gardens, surrounded by the lush botanics and the chirping of the birds!

After lots of consideration, the best dining option that fits my checklist at Union is Rathskeller. With a vast menu, Skeller serves the most mouth-watering mac and cheese and chicken tenders. If you want comfort food, Skeller is the place for you. 

Once COVID is behind us, the dining experience in Skeller has such a cozy tavern feel to it. Known on campus as a great evening hang out, many students love enjoying late night meals with friends there. On busy nights, Skeller can be packed, making the service slow. But that slow service only means the chefs are putting lots of attention into your food, making the wait is 100% worth it!