Quarantine Diaries: Simple and Boring Days

Quarantine Diaries: Simple and Boring Days

Sarah Davenport, Opinions Editor

Name: Sarah Davenport

Connection to Union:
 Sophomore, Opinions Editor for Concordiensis


What are the three things that have fundamentally changed in your life due to the pandemic?

1) My relationship with my friends, siblings, and parents

2) My understanding and perception of mental health

3) My outlook on life: what is and is not important. 


What are some new habits you have developed this term?

I have developed a habit of finding joy in mundane activities. Experiencing isolation has made me realize that small moments, especially those shared with others, are extremely important. I tend to have a pessimistic outlook on the world, but the pandemic has helped me evolve in such a way that I no longer look at everything as if the glass is half empty. 


What made you smile today?

Being able to spend time with my family for the first time after being let out of quarantine. 


How has your relationship with Union changed/evolved this term?

I have always loved Union, but this term has made me realize the extent to which this love exists. My friends and I have grown even closer together, which has made my experience at college, during these terrible times, much more bearable. I have evolved to appreciate the fact that everyone on campus is just trying their best. I have learned to understand that people are just people; they are beings that are complicated, make mistakes, and have bad days. By experiencing life through a pandemic I have become aware of the imperfections of the human condition and appreciative of the sense of humanity it provides to the Union community. 


What does an average day in your life look like these days?

An average day for me is pretty boring… My first task is usually to make a full pot of coffee and drink the whole thing. This does nothing in helping me wake up, however, I stay hopeful. I then log into my online classes and sit at my desk for hours struggling to pay attention. I without a doubt follow this up with a 3-hour nap. From there, I do homework and count down the days until the weekend. My days, sadly, are nothing exciting. 


What are three things you’re grateful for right now?

1) The incoming spring weather

2) The good health of my family and friends

3) My close proximity to home