UProgram event with comedian Derrick Knopsnyder leaves students in splits


Courtesy of UProgram

Derrick Knopsnyder in conversation with the students.

Megan Brown, co-News Editor

On Friday, January 29 at 9:15 p.m., Uprogram hosted a Social, Social Distancing event that featured comedian Derrick Knopsnyder and Michael Dean Ester. This comedy show was interactive, and made available to students, faculty and staff around campus. 

This comedy show was an opportunity for students to become the stars, as they were asked to participate and answer questions posed by Knopsnyder and Ester. 

The show started by Knopsnyder explaining that humans are made to interact and though this pandemic has created challenges in that regard, it is nothing that cannot be overcome. 

“We’re humans. We’re designed to connect … they made our job illegal. We survive off of attention … and laughter from other people” Knopsnyder exclaimed. 

Despite not being able to perform at live comedy shows, Knopsnyder maintained a positive outlook and made the most of being able to perform virtually, hence this interactive show. 

Topics like the seven traditions of Union, comparing high school and college exams, and discussing what has been the hardest part of the pandemic for students to cope with, were all mentioned during the show. 

In mentioning difficulties of showing up to class on zoom everyday, and not getting the full college experience, Ester jumped in to turn this difficult aspect of the pandemic into a funny one. 

Ester joked that he enjoyed the delay of students’ laughter when he performs virtual shows. He described it as a “comedy grenade” where he will tell a joke (release the grenade) but people won’t laugh (it won’t explode) for three to five seconds. 

Knopsnyder agreed and made the comparison to that of a live television reporter. He said that if he could Facetime his grandma in her 90s and the timing of it all transpired like a normal conversation, then TV hosts and reporters should certainly have that local reporting under control. 

Knopsnyder and Ester came with a goal to make a little fun out of a bad situation. Stories were shared, laughs were heard, and the Union community was able to have some fun, even while thinking of some of the hardest obstacles that this pandemic has created.