Notifications of Honor Code Cases resolved in Fall 2020

Kathryn Osterholtz, Academic Honor Council Chair

There were 50 cases in total resolved by the Honor Council in Fall 2020; 7 hearings in which the student was found responsible, and 43 Chair-Dean Reviews (CDR). CDRs are an option for first-time violations when the student accepts responsibility for the violation. Of those 50 cases, 12 involved plagiarism, 36 involved cheating, 13 involved facilitation, and 3 involved general Academic Dishonesty There are more charges listed than total cases because in 14 cases, the student was charged with more than one form of academic dishonesty. A more detailed report on the Honor Code cases resolved during Fall 2020, as well as a copy of the Academic Honor Code and the Statement on Plagiarism, can be found on the Academic Honor Code course page on Nexus, as well as in the community notification emails sent out by the Dean of Studies at the start of each term.