Women of the Week

This week’s Women of the Week are Annika Eberle ’20, Shelly Shinebarger, and Allie Baldwin ’20.

Annika Eberle is a senior Cognitive Neuroscience major from New Haven, CT. Claudia Dalterio nominated Annika, stating that she is “One of the nicest, smartest, and most agreeable people that I have met on campus.” As president of her co-ed fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, she has helped organize and lead countless events, from Skate For Alex to the Gay Cafe to the Penny Wars. Claudia acknowledged that Annika’s “Devotion to community service is unmatched, as is her involvement in activism on and off campus – particularly for LGBTQ+ events.” Annika is also an avid weightlifter, as Claudia enlightens us she “Enjoys the feeling of pushing herself to achieve her fitness goals and, by her presence in the weight room, motivates others (especially other females) to do the same.” Annika was also nominated due to her diverse campus involvement, consequently leading to another one of her unique traits: she is warmly accepting of others regardless of how they identify. Claudia shares that “For this reason, Annika has a very diverse group of friends, all of whom speak very highly of her (including myself). People are free to be entirely themselves around Annika because she not only accepts but encourages people to see the best in themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin, imperfections and all.” Claudia feels confidently that she has nominated a “Selfless, quirky, kind, and badass woman who I consider as a role model.” She is confident that Annika will go on to achieve great things post graduation, like pursuing a Ph.D in Psychology.

Annika’s proudest accomplishments are completing a 38-day canoe trip after her senior year of high school. She has also taken pride in being a significant part of community service at Union (especially Gay Cafe). Finally she shared that another accomplishment will be her senior thesis…“Once I finish it!”  

When asked what she is passionate about, Annika answered helping others, “I want to make sure everyone gets access to the same resources I was lucky enough to receive.” Annika also shared that music has been an outlet that has impacted her, as she has been playing guitar and writing songs since she was 13.

Annika illuminated us that both the guidance and support from her family and friends have been instrumental in shaping her into the woman she is. She added that she also receives “A lot of inspiration from powerful rock stars like Shirley Manson, Mish Barber-Way, and Kathleen Hanna.”

To Annika, being a woman at Union means “Showing grit and determination, while remaining a friendly face to those who need it. Staying relentlessly dedicated to your studies, advocating for the causes you care about, and extending kindness to those who cross your path.” She concluded by insightfully cautioning, “Don’t let the world take your softness!”


Shelly Shinebarger is Union’s director of the Accommodative Services & International Advising Office. Shelly was nominated by Rob Harrington, who in light of our virtual learning reality due to COVID-19 offers, “Online learning poses challenges for everybody, but many students with learning disabilities or other learning accommodations are facing unique challenges of their own. Shelly’s work as director has never been as important as it is now, and she’s been proactive, patient, and helpful as ever assisting students through these difficult times. Shelly is a resource that students can always count on in times of difficulty — and this is one especially difficult time.” 

Shelly says that her proudest accomplishments are “Setting up the student mentor program and having the new testing center for students and faculty alike.”

She is passionate about helping students to feel confident and reach their goals, “I love getting to know the students personally and watching them develop and grow each year.”

To Shelly, being a woman at Union means being “In amazing company with all of the strong, creative, caring and intelligent colleagues.”


Allie Baldwin is a senior who was nominated by Emma Mahoney, who shares that Allie is a role model for students at Union. She is also an Admissions Senior Intern, the Student Coordinator of the Writing Center, and served as the Public Relations Vice President of Gamma Phi Beta. Emma says that Allie is “An amazing leader in many areas of campus life and a dedicated, intelligent student. Also, she was recently selected for a Fulbright in Greece!”

Allie is proud to have lived her Union College experience to the fullest, both in her activites and academics, “I know I did everything I ever imagined and more. I am also extremely happy that all of it led me to becoming a Fulbright ETA in Greece next year!”

Allie shared that she has an addictive personality when it comes to learning new information about the world we live in. She adds that because of this she is “Extremely passionate about learning and seeing others learn.”

When asked who Allie looks up to, she said, “I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends, faculty, and mentors on the Union College campus. I am especially indebted to several female faculty members who have pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and challenged me to think in more dynamic ways both in and outside the classroom.”

Being a woman at Union to Allie means “Collective strength. I love being a woman at Union because I am surrounded by so many different, intelligent, and inspiring women in all disciplines. They have helped me build up my own inner strength and at the same time, taught me some of the best ways to empower those around me.”