Senior Spotlight: Jenna Smith


Jenna Smith

Q: What made you choose Union College?

A: Academically competitive liberal arts college with DIII Field Hockey.


Q: What does being a Union student mean to you?

A: Member of small-knit community, interdisciplinary opportunities, and lots of #LetsGoU moments over the years.


Q: What have you been involved in on campus?

A: Managing Editor of the Concordiensis, Field Hockey #20 defender, Sister of Gamma Phi Beta, RA of College Park Neighborhood, Scholars Steering Committee Exec Board PR Chair, Former PR Chair and House Coordinator of Wold Minerva, Admissions Ambassador, Improv member, Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society member, Order of Omega Greek Life Honor Society member, Scholar, Dean’s List recipient.


Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Union?

A: Improv freshman year, killing it at Field Hockey as a first year walk-on, joining Gamma Phi Beta and making so many long lasting friendships.


Q: What is one thing you will miss about Union?

A: Seeing friends everyday, waking up to the Nott, pasta at Upper, being independent without being a full-fledged #adult.


Q: How are you spending your quarantine?

A: Eating a lot of food. Home in Massachusetts with my family, and quarantining with my boyfriend!


Q: If there was one thing you wish you could’ve done while you were at Union, what would it be?

A: Try fencing, join Ballroom Dance club, wish I’d beaten the all-time Pacer record for Field Hockey (I got #3), and will always miss the #SeniorSpring experience we lost from COVID-19.


Q: If you had the option to return to the campus right now, what is the first thing you’d do?

A: Hang out with my friends, massive Nott Shot, champagne with the seniors!


Q: Who’s one person you’re grateful to have met at Union?

A: Way too hard to pick one. Anna Mahony, Ren Garcia, Daniele Durkin, Marina DeLuca, Anouk Nouet, Aleks Szumilo, many more.


Q: Any encouraging words for those who are just beginning their journey at Union College?

A: Savor every moment, take risks, put yourself out there, try new things. Shoot your shot–best case it turns out amazing, worst case you get a “no” and a good story out of it. Skellar poutine at 1am hits different. Get involved with research, there’s so many opportunities. Take an internship for class credit–great for resume. Traveling abroad is so worthwhile–“it’ll change you.” Email asking for help/changes! I finagled my way through graduating with an ID major and two minors.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

A: Missing the Concordy hammock.