Glimpses of an empty campus through the lens of a student

Qiyu Zhong

The days on campus are normal. Class assignments and tests  are continuing to come up as well as rise in difficulty. On a regular day, I may receive another message on my phone saying that a package has arrived and I should go pick it up but the mailroom is not open. Then, a call from my teammate can pop in at some point, and the instant reaction is to dive into a discussion and devote time together. What comes to be beneficial is the continuous running of logistics and supplies in the residence, and it is nice encountering peers in the same building once again in a regular manner. So, I am grateful for their presence and wish all of them the best. In these pictures, you can see how the climate is changing all the time. And when I walk across the campus, I can see that the open space and garden are as normal as they are. It may come to be true that fear can make you prisoner and hope can set you free.