Poem: Tranquility Loading


Meesha Gupta’21 in front of the Nott.

Meesha Gupta

The scintillating morning wakes me up

I’m still pondering if I should make the journey to my classes

Suddenly everything seems still

Immobile in its own way

Amidst my procrastination, a huge news is delivered

We all know what the news was about: COVID-19

There was a hassle in every corner of the college

Stressful faces, perplexed visions, devastated minds

The atmosphere was soaked in ambiguity and anxiety

“Leave now”, says the college

Entire campus starts evacuating, like an open wildfire in a forest drives people out

Day by day, the campus was as empty as it could be

Each day, I thought to myself, “do I wish to leave?”

Sometimes you aren’t ready to leave the place you call home

By that time, tranquility had vanished from each sphere of everyone’s lives, including mine

The pandemic brought a lot of worrisome things with it, as it would

I had to leave, I just had to

“It’s a crisis time, please leave, go home you’ll be safer”

Home was leagues away, in India

Fearful of the pandemic and the journey I’d have to make

I couldn’t stride forward

But there were things pulling me down

Not gravity in this case, but pressure inducing factors

Parents, school, friends, families

Every human I could think of at that time

I felt like a coin tossing between a yes or no

Even though, the decision wasn’t mine

With my baffled mind and infuriated spirit

I packed my bags and embarked on the journey

Billions of thoughts occupied my brain

“When am I gonna see my boyfriend again?”

“When am I gonna see my friends and college again?”

“When are things going to settle down?”

“How would it be living at home for all these uncertain amount of months?”

It couldn’t have been more unpredictable and inconclusive

Who knew the pandemic would put a halt altogether

On time, on schools, on jobs, on traveling from one place to another

But since it has happened, procrastination has been at its peak for most of the people

Thinking about life, career, and internal reflection

Though this pandemic has entered our lives in a very unsettling way

It shall exit leaving us with some new skills, mature mindset and tranquility in our lives.