Reappointment Review Committees Formed

Reappointment review committees have been formed for the following assistant professors: Marianna Bergamaschi-Ganapini, Ali Hamed, Jeffrey Hatley, Sudhir Khetan, Stephanie Mueller, Mason Stahl, Dan Venning, Jeffrey Wagner and D. Catherine Walker. Members of the Union community may submit written comments on their teaching, service and scholarship to the committee chairs preferably by Friday, April 24, 2020. Committees are:

Marianna Bergamaschi-Ganapini (Philosophy)

Leo Zaibert, Chair ([email protected])

Robert Baker

Krisanna Scheiter

Ali Hamed (Mechanical Engineering)

Ann Anderson, Chair ([email protected])

Bradford Bruno

William Keat

Jeffrey Hatley (Mathematics)

Leila Khatami, Chair ([email protected])

Jeffrey Jauregui

Kathryn Lesh

Sudhir Khetan (Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering)

John Spinelli, Chair ([email protected])

Shane Cotter

Cherrice Traver

Stephanie Mueller (Modern Languages & Literatures)

Megan Ferry, Chair ([email protected])

William Garcia

Cheikh Ndiaye

Mason Stahl (Geology)

David Gillikin, Chair ([email protected])

Donald Rodbell

Kurt Hollocher

Laura MacManus-Spencer

Dan Venning (Theater and Dance)

Randy Wyatt, Chair ([email protected])

Hugh Jenkins

Patricia Wareh

Jeffrey Wagner (Physics and Astronomy)

Seyfollah Maleki, Chair ([email protected])

Samuel Amanuel

Rebecca Koopmann

Michael Vineyard

D. Catherine Walker (Psychology)

George Bizer, Chair ([email protected])

Cay Anderson-Hanley

Joshua Hart