Civil Engineering May Return to Union After a Large Donation Was Proposed


In 2017, the College began constructing the Integrated Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC). By fall 2018, the first classes moved into the ISEC. Image courtesy of Union College

Joe Maher, Photo Editor

Civil Engineering may return to Union after a large donation was proposed with its intentions being, at least in part, the reinstatement of the major, according to one of the only civil engineering professors at Union, Professor Ashraf Ghaly. The administration has been in communication with the unnamed donor, or donors, who are funding this initiative and have made it clear that the conversation about how to utilize the donation is still ongoing and could be jeopardized. The timetable is unclear as to when the announcement of the return will be made or when the actual restoration will occur, according to Ghaly.

Civil Engineering has not been taught at the College since 2005, a controversial move that angered many professors and alumni. “There is no question that Union’s decision to reinstate civil engineering is wise. The donors supporting this initiative are visionary and should be commended for their efforts in furthering the College’s mission of distinction and excellence in education,” Ghaly said.

This move is coming at a time when Union is implementing its new Strategic Plan, which emphasizes blending STEM and humanities more smoothly around the campus.