Film Club shakes movie weekends up with new partnership

Daniel Wilcox , News Editor

Union’s Film Club is shaking things up with a new pilot program, in partnership with Bow Tie Cinemas. Last week, in lieu of the weekend screenings in the Reamer Auditorium, the Film Club experimented with a one-night-only, Friday showing of the recently released ‘1917’ movie. With there historically being a low number of students attending the Reamer screenings, the club took the decision to try out a new way of screening the latest films, that would reinvigorate the amount of the campus that was taking advantage of the films being provided.

According to the President of the Film Club, Adam Nichols ’22, the cost of renting out a theatre exclusively for Union students, as well as providing transportation to and from the site, is “about equivalent to renting a single weekend movie for Reamer.”

Nichols explained that he and the Film Club were excited that they would be able to finance and set up a professional movie experience with their new relationship with Bow Tie, and that it is important for the campus to actively search for partnerships with off-campus businesses.

Although, Nichols noted that “any permanent decisions will not be made by (Film Club), but instead by the student body.” Nichols reported that there were around forty to forty-five attendees at the aforementioned first showing at Bow Tie, “surpassing cumulative weekend totals for every film shown at Reamer,” during Nichols’ time in the Film Club. A change in the availability of tickets is that currently only students are able to take advantage of this new programme, however Nichols commented that this is liable to change once the final details are finalized.