Senior proudly announces decision to accept job offer from dad

David Khazen, Staff Writer

As we enter the latter half of spring term, seniors are beginning to hear back from employers about their futures.

One such student is Jack Panini, who just last night, posted in the Union College Class of 2019 Facebook page: “After a grueling job search and extensive interview process, I’m very proud to announce that I’ve accepted a job offer from my father’s company. Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way, especially my parents, without whom I’d never been able to land this position.” I caught up with Jack to learn a little bit more about his new job and get some words of inspiration for his as-of-yet unemployed peers.

Q: So, Jack, tell me a little bit about your job search process. Your Facebook post made it seem like it was an exhausting experience.

A: Well, it all started in the fall. I went to the Career Center to work on my resume and I was told that the most important part of the job search is networking. I really took that to heart. I thought about who I knew in the industry that I could network with. It wasn’t until winter break, when I was chilling on the beach with my family in Turks and Caicos, that I realized I only had one industry connection: my dad. I reached out then and there with an introductory email. After that, we emailed back and forth for several months. I didn’t want to be too forward and ask for a job right off the bat, so I finessed a bit.

Q: Can you expand on that? What do you mean by “finessed”?

A: So basically, I just introduced myself, y’know. I told him that I’m a senior at Union College and I talked about my major, the classes I’m taking, my thesis topic and stuff like that. But we also spoke more casually sometimes. I told him about my interests and hobbies. I also asked him a lot of questions about his life and his company. I asked if he had a family and he told me all about my mom and my sister. He also told me the whole history of his company. It was really cool getting to know him.

Q: What happened after that?

A: Well, I finally got to a point where I felt comfortable asking my dad for a job. We scheduled a preliminary interview. I went in and we really hit it off. It felt like a really natural conversation, so I immediately knew the job was the right fit for me. I was called back for two more rounds of interviews with my dad. After the third one, I received a formal job offer. I accepted on the spot. I feel really lucky because I’m that kid that got a job on the first try; I didn’t even apply to any other jobs. I’m also really fortunate that this position is so close to home. I can live with my parents for a few years to save some money.

Q: What advice can you give to your peers who are still looking for a job?

A: Just take that leap. If you know someone that you think can help you, reach out. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.