Information sessions held for sororities from around campus

Alexandra Merrill, Contributing Writer

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This past week, the first Panhellenic event geared towards potential new members was held to introduce each sorority offered on the Union College campus. “Meet the Sororities” happened on Thursday, April 18 in the Reamer Auditorium, with the purpose of educating the potential new member class about the sororities offered at Union. Information included the histories, missions, core values and philanthropy.

Approximately thirty potential new members showing up. The organizations present were Gamma Phi Beta (GPhi), Alpha Delta Lambda (ADL), Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE), Omega Phi Beta (OPBSI), Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) and Sigma Gamma Rho. In addition to the representation of each sorority, recruitment counselors, who were previously referred to as Rho Gammas, were present, as well as Senior Recruitment Chair Emily Coello and Junior Recruitment Chair Isabella Bergami.

To open, Coello and Bergami gave a brief rundown of the Panhellenic sororities that are at Union and the history of their presence here on campus.

They explained how there are three National Panhellenic Sororities, GPhi, SDT and DPhiE, one National Panhellenic Conference Sorority, Alpha Delta Lambda and three culturally-based sororities, OPBSI, LPCSI, SGRho. Overall, the event showcased the diversity among the sororities and the many opportunities that they provide, which allowed potential new members to gain an enhanced understanding of what it fully means to be in a sorority, as well as what makes each sorority distinct. Each sorority provided such as their mission, history, core values, symbols, colors, flowers, activities, philanthropy events, and other things that make them unique. Gamma Phi Beta presented first.

According to them, their core values of “Labor, Learning, Love and Loyalty” are something they believe makes them sorority stand out, as well as their strong bonds of friendship within the chapter.

The next presentation was Alpha Delta Lambda, the community service oriented sorority. ADL is a regional sororiety at the moment.

Next to speak was Delta Phi Epsilon, Union College’s newest sorority. Due to them being new there are many leadership opportunities on offer within the chapter. They also highlighted their ‘Personal Enrichment Activities for Responsible Living’ program.

The fourth sorority to present was Sigma Gamma Rho (SGR), the only historically black sorority on campus and the only sorority with a graduate chapter. They emphasized their commitment to community service. They also performed their “stroll,” which is composed of a series of dance moves and singing.

Sigma Delta Tau also presented, showcasing their commitment to on-campus and off-campus involvement. They showed a recruitment video to demonstrate the strong bonds within the sorority.

Lastly, the College’s chapter Omega Phi Beta (OPB), Inc. gave their presentation, emphasizing their goals and visions for the sorority. OPB is a historically Latina sorority. Like SGR, they also demonstrated a “stroll” which was a combination of dancing and a chant. Their stroll incorporated some Spanish and English singing as well.

Panhellenic President Immy Wells said that this event was important, because, “These women are the future of these organizations. We came here to present our different organizations with transparency, and to introduce ourselves as well.”

Lastly, Coello and Bergami reminded the potential new members to look out for upcoming events. Further informational sessions are being held in the future and mock recruitment will be on Wednesday May 30 on the Reamer patio. The sororities are hoping for a great turnout at these events.