College addresses parking problem by extending CPH parking lot

Andrew Wojtowicz and David Khazen

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Recently, students have been voicing their frustrations by the general lack of parking on campus. Campus Safety has received an overwhelming amount of complaints from students about the challenges associated with finding parking, and have taken appropriate measures to appease the masses.

Just last Monday, Campus Safety announced that a new parking lot will be built over the soccer field next to College Park Hall as an extension to the existing one. This new lot, officials say, will help students find parking close to their residences and classes all around campus.

As an added bonus, the new lot also aims to reduce the amount of illegally parked Jeeps around campus, which actually is a larger issue than it seems.

“I left my spot near Davidson one morning to get Dunkin and there were like six open spots,” said Isabella Mellir. “When I got back five minutes later, all of the spots were taken and in one spot there was a Jeep parked on top of another car.”

Almost all of the Campus Safety officers interviewed for this article could not stress enough that just because you drive a Jeep, does not mean you can park it wherever you want.

The new parking lot also offers a more spacious option, which has thrilled some students.

“I think it’s great. I have a lot of problems finding a place to park my car where it’s out of harm’s way. With this new lot, I can easily take up two, maybe three, parking spots so that no one comes close. And it’s only a 10 minute walk from my house on Seward,” said senior Nathan Hurmagerd.

This lot also benefits students living in Green and Sorum, who constantly battle for spots with Fox, West, Davidson, two fraternities, Seward residents and the rest of Schenectady.

This new addition is especially helpful to students who drive to class from their residences on Seward Place or in Fox. Under normal circumstances, students would have to roll the dice or pray for an open spot in one of the few student parking lots up campus.

More often than not, they would have to bite the bullet and take the parking ticket for parking in one of many empty parking spots near Admissions. With the new parking extension at the furthest corner of campus, students can now park there and make it to class on time.

By completely tearing apart the soccer field and wind turbines to make room for an asphalt plot, student and alumni satisfaction is anticipated to skyrocket.

“I always go to the gym on Monday’s to work on chest, like everyone else,” said aspiring bodybuilder Jack Wumbology. “The problem is that there’s never any parking by Alumni Gym, so I end up having to park on the street. With this new parking lot though, I can easily find a spot at CPH and go from there.”

Family members of Union athletes were also impressed with the new addition, thankful that they no longer had to park in the Nott-Seward lot by Richmond to watch games at the hockey arena or football field.

In other completely unrelated news, Bob Barker just wants to know how much the Nott costs.