Wellness Fair Hosted on West Field


Allyson Bennett

Kate Schurick, Dean of First-Year Students (left), Robin Olinsky, Dean of 2023 and Directory of Minerva Fellows Program (middle), and Derek Zuckerman, Deano f 2024 and Director of the Scholars Program (right) were available to answer any questions students had.

Allyson Bennett, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, the Wicker Wellness Center hosted its Wellness Fair in front of West College, for students to learn of campus wellness resources, get a flu shot, and relax. The environment was relaxed as students circled in and out of the fair.

Wellness resources advertised at the event included Schenectady’s Take Back the Night walk, occurring at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 20. This event was presented at the fair by the Title IX office. Class deans were also present at the event to answer student questions. Nurses were present as well, to administer flu shots to students in advance of the cold and flu season.

The fair featured attractions such as Ace, one of Wicker’s therapy dogs, who happily sat in the grass and allowed students to pet him. There were also physical therapists giving students massages, and the Student Activities office hosted a raffle for items like a blanket, hat, backpack, water bottle, and more. The Accommodative Services Office also had coloring sheets available for students, and the Catholic Student Association allowed students to take soil with them in order to grow plants.


Ace, one of Wicker’s therapy dogs, smiles as a student pets him.