Cases of Giardiasis reported at Union


Daniel Wilcox, Editor-in-Chief

Reports have begun circulating at Union of a potential outbreak of giardiasis, a diarrheal illness, caused by a microscopic parasite. According to the Center for Disease Control, the most common spread of the parasite is through drinking water and recreational water.

An email sent out by Michele Gibson, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, on October 14, confirmed that cases have been reported at Union, and that the college is “partnering with the City of Schenectady and the Schenectady County Department of Health.” This is being done to discover whether the current cases are linked to the college water supply, or “other points of infection”, according to the email.

It is as yet unknown exactly how many cases have been reported and confirmed, and all those that experience the symptoms associated with giardiasis, diarrhea and nausea, have been guided in the email to “report these symptoms in the emocha app.”

The Wicker Wellness Center, Union Facilities and College Spokesperson, Phil Wajda, have been reached out to for comment.


***This is a developing story and updates will be posted as Concordiensis receives more information***