Bagged lunches: the bane of a quarantined student



Dante Sasso, 807 Editor

As I am sure you are all aware, Union College opened its doors back up for the Fall term of 2020. They did an amazing job opening, with only 6 COVID-19 cases total, at the time of writing. Each of these cases were isolated from the student body, and re-opening has been a success. In spite of this, there was one place where Union College failed at its re-opening, and that was with the food services that were given out. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of food that is nutritious and good for the digestive system, 5 pieces of pasta and a slab of chicken isn’t exactly what comes to mind. That was my first bagged meal that I got during my three-day quarantine, and it was just the pits. I mean, we’ve gone a long way from the breakfast sandwiches of Dutch Hollow if this is what we are being delivered for food. Most of the time, the food isn’t even hot once it gets to the dorm! I’d prefer to eat endless amounts of brussel sprouts than that food, and I hate brussel sprouts. 

Now, I assumed maybe I picked up the food late since I arrived later in the day. Therefore, I should hold my judgment until the next day and see what breakfast/lunch looks like. However, it appears that my judgement was not quick enough. The food I received the next morning was not any better than those given to me previously. For breakfast, I was spoiled with a cup of fruit and some yogurt, while lunch included a salad. Truly, meals fit for royalty. 

It is understandable that in the time of COVID-19, eating meals in quarantine might be difficult. What isn’t understandable is how the meals were selected and sent out to students. Seriously, have you tried eating a cold salad with lukewarm chicken? It doesn’t work at all. There was one saving grace throughout the meals, and that was the dessert that came with it. Now, I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy and workout, but after getting meals that taste about as good as the plastic bag they were delivered in, I have to admit that eating the desserts was the only way for the meal to even have a chance of seeming enjoyable. 

Overall, the bagged lunches for COVID-19 were awful and completely ruined my quarantine experience. 0/10, what a rip-off.