My Study in Tap Dance as A Villella Fellow

China Campagnuolo , Contributing writer

China Campagnuolo was the other of the two recipients of the Edward Villella Fellowship, awarded annually to a dance minor at the Steinmetz Dance Performance in May. Over the summer, Campagnuolo studied tap dancing in various dance studios, workshops and master classes throughout Connecticut, her home state. As a dancer of many years, Campagnuolo is not new to tap dancing, but she has enjoyed deepening her understanding of the art form.

In the upcoming weeks, Campagnuolo will continue her tap dance training by taking weekly private lessons at a local dance company in Albany, New York. Additionally, she anticipates taking a trip into New York City to take various master classes on Broadway.

Her favorite part of this whole experience has been rediscovering a passion of hers, as well as incorporating what she has learned into her own choreography and dance classes at Union. Campagnuolo will be one of the student choreographers for the 2020 Winter Dance Concert and will certainly be integrating aspects of her summer training into her routine. Campagnuolo is very excited for the upcoming months, where she can continue her tap dance training locally, and share with her peers what she has learned.

CORRECTION: Previously, this article was published under the name of Marie Lindsey.